Published: 2011
No of Pages: 280
RRP: 29.95
ISBN Print: 978-1-921556-09-8

My Animated Life

Yoram Gross’ recollections of his life told simply and directly, cannot be read without emotion. This is the story of a youth who was forced to grow up during the Nazi occupation of his country, Poland. Although he saw death all around him, he reached out to life. Despite the surrounding horrors, the book is surprisingly cheerful. How it was possible for the author to carry from this wartime Hell an enduring faith in humanity is his great personal victory.

“Sometimes one is, however stupidly, tempted to think that every extraordinary Holocaust story has been told. The truth is that the last tale will not even have been written when the last survivor has passed from the earth. For the Holocaust generated an infinite variety of tortures and personal crises. Yoram Gross’ short, vivid book has its own force – it combines all the brio of youth with all the unjust and knife-edge perils of being a young Jewish man hiding out and on the run. Gross’ later life, prefigured in his World War II experience, is another testimony to the wealth of talent that the Third Reich obliterated, the talent which in most cases was stolen out of the world, but which in his case, managed to survive. You will be engrossed by this book.”  Thomas Keneally

Rights: World, Polish rights sold to Wydawnictwo Rabid


About the Author

Yoram Gross

Yoran Gross is internationally acclaimed for his films that have garnered numerous awards and won the hearts of children worldwide.  Born in Poland in 1926, Yoram studied at Krakow University.  Awarded the prestigious Order of Australia in 1995, Yoram headed Australia’s most successful animation production house for over three decades. His Joseph the Dreamer was Israel’s first full-length animated feature. In 1968 he migrated to Australia, where he created such animated classics as Dot and the Kangaroo and Blinky Bill.

Yoram Gross is known as a storyteller whose distinctive, non-violent films and series possess a contemporary charm that crosses all international barriers. He successfully uses the mediums of film and television to share his life experiences. In 1975, Yoram wrote a book on making animated films titled “The First Animated Step”, and produced a film of the same title.  These invaluable education materials aid in teaching the art of animation in schools and have been in constant use since their production.

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