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Almost Full Circle

This is the intimate story of the influences – human, political and artistic – which shaped the life of Harry Seidler, disciple of Bauhaus architecture. Alice Spigelman explores Seidler’s introduction to architecture as a schoolboy in England, the country which betrayed him; his internment in Canada; his Harvard years as a student of Gropius and Marcel Breuer, and finally his years in Australia and the forty year love-hate relationship between him and his critics.

“Harry’s life is a testimony to a quiet yet remorseless determination and a clarity of objective that are apparent in the structure of his life, his architecture and even in his equally distinctive and mature artistic tastes.” Edmund Capon

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About the Author

Alice Spigelman

Alice Spigelman was born in Hungary and moved to Sydney as a child with her family in 1956. She has written plays about psychoanalysis, Virginia Woolf and Miles Franklin which were performed in several Australian cities. Her biography Almost Full Circle on the international architect and proponent of modernism Harry Seidler was published by Brandl & Schlesinger. She has reviewed books for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and given talks on subjects such as Catherine the Great, Harry Seidler and literary fiction and biography. She was a director of Australia for UNHCR and NIDA, Australia’s training institute for students in the performing...

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