Late Hybrids
Late Hybrids

Late Hybrids in these twenty short stories are the second and third generations of Greek Australians who, having a strong sense of their Greek identity and traditions, are not always at ease in the modern Australian

Farewell to Robert
Farewell to Robert

Two men, Robert and Vras, met in 1993 and formed a committed relationship until Robert’s death of leukemia in May, 2022. This short book is a farewell letter to Robert, a long lamentation and a threnody, exploring the

Mother Tongue
Mother Tongue

Joyce Kornblatt’s novel, Mother Tongue, begins with a shocking discovery.  In a powerful fiction that reads like a true story, the details of the crime and its aftermath unfold. 

In mid-life,

Love, Death, Chariot of Fire
Love, Death, Chariot of Fire

Reg Mitchell is a modest, decent man with a gift for designing fast aeroplanes. Two horrors seek him out – terminal illness, and Nazi Germany’s predicted invasion of his country. His response will change the course of

The Glebe Point Road Blues
The Glebe Point Road Blues

The collection of stories is the imaginative recreation of the experience of living on Glebe Point Road, in Sydney for over thirty years. Through the encounters of the unidentified writer with actual individuals, the author

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Brandl & Schlesinger has a reputation as one of Australia’s most renowned independent publishers. Established in 1994 and located in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains of NSW,  we are celebrating 27 years of publishing. Our aim is to publish the best of Australian literature that reflects its diversity of voices. Establishing the career of numerous young authors, we are proud that their titles have won major literary awards. With a loyalty to our authors we have published many of their subsequent works. We have an innovative list of literary fiction and non-fiction, memoir and biography, works in translations, academic journals and a poetry list featuring some of Australia’s best poets. We are committed to quality and challenging works that retain an Australian flavour whilst appealing to both national and international markets.


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Time Flies Podcast

The only podcast to focus on film books and to talk to the best authors working in the area of...

Recent review of Thistledown Seed by Louise Helfgott

We are delighted to share a review of Thistledown Seed by Louise Helfgott, published by Brandl & Schlesinger in 2022....

Recent review of Mother Tongue by Joyce Kornblatt

We are delighted to share a review of Mother Tongue by Joyce Kornblatt, published by Brandl & Schlesinger in Australia...

Remembering Alison Hoddinott (1931 – 2022)

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Alison Hoddinott, author of Women, Oxford and Novels of Crime (2018),...

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Thistledown Seed


Turin – Approaching Animals

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Time Flies

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Southerly at 80!

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Mother Tongue

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Love, Death, Chariot of Fire

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Southerly – Festschrift David Brooks


Southerly – The Lives of Others


Furioso – 3 Angry Poets

Skywriting new cover

Skywriting – making radio waves


The Budapest Job


The Grass Library


Loving Words

Women Oxford cover

Women, Oxford and Novels of Crime


In Exile from St Petersburg

FINAL cover for Bakers Alchemy

The Baker's Alchemy

Tuwim cover

Poems of Julian Tuwim

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Culture Heist

Hill End Table

The Hill End Table

YS Cover

Yarn Spinners

Pan Tadeusz

Pan Tadeusz


Echoes – Poems of the Holocaust

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