Published: 2002
No of Pages: 92
RRP: 21.95
ISBN Print: 1 876040 37 8

By and Large

Shortlisted for 2002 The Age Book of the Year Literary Award for Poetry

Widely published across the English-speaking world, Chris Wallace-Crabbe is a passionate explorer of modern experience. In By and Large he glides between the vivid seduction of landscape and those values which a world of speed, change and loss has unsettled. Restless and wry, his exciting poetry goes to the very limits of statement.

“To read these lyrics is to encounter a major writer who, while having all of the craft of poetry in his bones and muscles, nonetheless risks everything to make his art anew.” – The Age

“…one of Wallace-Crabbe’s pleasure-giving skills is the ability to exploit the expressive power of his ‘bonzers’ and ‘bamboozle’.” – Australian Book Review


About the Author

Chris Wallace-Crabbe

Born in 1934, Chris Wallace-Crabbe studied at the University of Melbourne and at Yale. He taught in Australia and at Harvard as Visiting Professor of Australian Studies.
He has published fourteen volumes of poetry. His awards include the Dublin Prize for Arts and Sciences, and The Age Book of the Year for his Selected Poems.Titles by Chris Wallace-Crabbe

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