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No of Pages: 102
RRP: 24.95
ISBN Print: 978-1-876040-82-6

The Kingsbury Tales

Kingsbury, Victoria is where the poet, Ouyang Yu has been based since he came from the People’s Republic of China in 1991. It was here where he first came into contact and conflict with a very different culture and multi-culture. The Kingsbury Tales explores and depicts characters in a similar way that Geoffrey Chaucer did many hundreds years ago in The Canterbury Tales.

“Ouyang Yu’s Kingsbury Tales are the poems of a traveller, an exile, a displaced poet and a poet of two homes. The tension between these factors drives the poetry of this book… I think this work is a masterpiece – one of the greatest books of ‘Oz poetry’.” John Kinsella

“Ouyang Yu’s poetry, acerbic, funny, wickedly political, is unremittingly concerned with the strangeness, multiplicity and horror of the real. The Kingsbury Tales is a major new work that shows Yu’s brilliance and range. Filled with stories from history, memory and everyday conversations, The Kingsbury Tales is both a profoundly shocking and entertaining work of poetry.” David McCooey


About the Author

Ouyang Yu

Ouyang Yu’s literary career began in China where he published poetry, fiction, non-fiction and literary translations. He has published nineteen books in Chinese and English in Australia, USA, UK and New Zealand. He arrived in Australia in 1991 and now edits Otherland – Australia’s first Chinese-English journal. Ouyang Yu holds a PhD in Australian Literature from La Trobe University.

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