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No of Pages: 374
RRP: 34.95
ISBN Print: 978-1-876040-86-4

Changing Orders

Scenes of Clerical and Academic Life

Radical change swept through the Catholic Church in the 1960s, but the promise of the time fell away. There was upheaval too in many universities at the time. Changing Orders is the memoir of a priest-academic engaged in a balancing act over the years of change: growing up in the 1940s, seminary and university studies, hopes and disappointments, the Sydney Philosophy disputes, and the decision to resign from orders.

“This is a book on philosophy and life that will delight any lay readers as well as specialists in the field. Its style is delightfully direct, its arguments accessible, and we’ll all be better and wiser for reading it.” Tom Keneally

“A compelling account of the force of ideas in one man’s life. Paul Crittenden, philosopher and priest, explores the ways he faced the big questions of human experience and how they changed him. This is a rare autobiography, told with tight reasoning and spare eloquence. It will stay in the mind of the reader for many years to come.” Edmund Campion


About the Author

Paul Crittenden

Paul Crittenden, born in country NSW in 1936, is an emeritus professor of philosophy and former dean of the Faculty of Arts at Sydney University. He was ordained a Catholic priest in 1959, but resigned from orders in 1983. He is the author of Learning to be Moral: Philosophical Thoughts about Moral Development, has edited several books in philosophy, and has published numerous papers. He writes mainly on topics in ethics, Greek philosophy, and modern European philosophy from Nietzsche to Sartre. Paul is currently vice-president of the Sydney University Arts Association and vice-president of the Sydney Society of Literature and...

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