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Published: 2006

East of Time

East of Time is a rendezvous of history and imagination, of realities and dreams, hopes and disenchantments. This extraordinary book, by turns stark and poetic, unfolds in a succession of short reminiscences that weave together into a shimmering tapestry depicting a lost world.

The setting is Lodz, Poland, in the years of the author’s childhood, when he witnessed the grand belief in a just new world overtaken by the cataclysmic events of the 1930s, imprisoned between the walls of ghettos, and finally silenced at Auschwitz. The book’s touchstone is the determination of an entire community to remain human, even at the last frontier of life.

“East of Time is the most ruthlessly honest book about the nature of humankind that I have ever read… Reading it has changed my life. How, after reading this book, can I ever again look into my heart and not weep?” – Alex Miller


Rights: World; North American Rights sold to Alabama University Press; Polish rights sold to Jacek Santorski; Israel rights sold to Kinneret Zmora Bitan Dv Publishing

  • 2007 Winner National Biography Award
  • 2006 Winner of the NSW Premier’s Literary Award for Non-Fiction
  • 2006 Shortlisted for the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Non-Fiction
  • 2006 Shortlisted for the SA Arts Award for Innovation in Fiction
  • 2006 Shortlisted for the Australian Gold Medal for Literature

About the Author

Jacob G. Rosenberg

Jacob G. Rosenberg was a poet, storyteller and author who lived through one of history’s darkest nightmares, and in his writings created a passionate and unique testament. His prize-winning autobiographies, East of Time and Sunrise West, were written in his third language, English. Yaakov (Jacob) ben Gershon Rosenberg, who died aged 86, was born in Lodz, Poland, the third child of Gershon and Masha Rosenberg. Theirs was a working-class family of meagre means, a household where books were almost mystically revered. After the Germans occupied Poland, Jacob was confined to the Lodz Ghetto with his parents, his sisters Pola and Ida, and two...

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