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Forthcoming Titles

Idle Talk - Gwen Harwood Letters

Release Date: November/December 2015
Idle Talk - Gwen Harwood Letters 1960-1964.  This volume edited and with invaluable notes by Alison Hoddinott, comprises Gwen Harwood's fascinating, unexpurgated letters to Alison and Bill Hoddinott, during four crucial years from 1960-1964, a...

The Boy on the Tricycle

Release Date: April/May 2016
The Boy on the Tricycle - Marcel Weyland's extraordinary story, describes the three shapers of his life: a beautiful woman, their witch's castle home and a national epic poem; his life in three continents and...

Come In Dymphna

Release Date: October 2016
Come in Dymphna - The Life and Loves of Dymphna Cusack is a revealing slice of life of an extraordinary and controversial Australian author. Photographs, maps and other visuals illustrate...

Recent Titles

Falling and Flying

 Falling and Flying: Poems on Ageing - is the first collection of its kind to be published in Australia.  The editors have selected a broad range...

The Demons of Athens

The narrator of the books starts a journey of discovery around the meaning of home, in a diary form, with a trip to Athens in the midst of the...

Notorious Frances Thwaites

The Notorious Frances Thwaites
is a story of betrayal: betrayal of parental duty of care, betrayal of the heart, betrayal of society and betrayal of justice.  Set in the...


A collection of personal narratives drawn from Dr John England’s patients who are recipients of pacemakers and from the doctor’s own experience. As a cardiologist, and having had his own...

Love, Sex and Death in the Poetry of Boleslaw Lesmian

  Translated by MARCEL WEYLAND Boleslaw Lesmian (born Boleslaw Lesman, 1877–1937) was a Polish poet, artist and member of the Polish Academy of Literature. He was one of the most influential poets of the...

The Aunt's Mirrors

On the top shelf in his aunt's dressing room, Damien Freeman discovered a collection of family memorabilia that told a story he had always assumed to be perfectly unexceptional.  The Aunt's Mirrors...